Cooperating successfully with our customers and the sun our aim is to generate energy as solar power remains the most secure source of energy for the future. We provide an alternative, sustainable power source for residential, commercial and institutional clients. Clean Cure Energy (CCE) offers outstanding service using high quality products delivered at competitive prices. Over and above the solar business CCE is also involved in the manufacture and repair of battery chargers, load testers, solar regulators and inverters.

At Clean Cure Energy our goal is to increase public awareness of solar energy. With this aim in mind, the company is a growing solar initiative concentrating on photovoltaic system design, installations, power audits and electrical works. With our service, we want to tell the world that photovoltaic systems can be completely simple, efficient and above all designed to perfection. We enable more people to produce their own clean power for their households. We want to make cities, communities and companies independent; to free them from the load of increasing energy costs to the greatest extent possible.


We are certain that in the near future all the energy needed for human life in the world will be renewably produced, thus we will make extensive use of the inexhaustible power of the sun to generate electricity.


Making energy the clean way, with our services we will deliver tailored solutions and through our commitment, we will create value for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.